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To The Fairest: A New Musical

December 7th-10th

Stefany Dalacio joins the cast of "To The Fairest" as Eris/Helen as a part of WinterFest at the New York Theatre Festival!

Visit their website here to buy tickets!

"To The Fairest" is an original one-act musical adaptation of the events leading up to the Trojan War in Homer's Iliad and in Greek myth. Our mythical-hero-turned-narrator, Achilles, helps to tell the story of how the exclusion of his goddess aunt from his parents' wedding eventually led to his own tragic fate.

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The Wizard of Oz

November 18th-26th

Stefany Dalacio returns to Yorktown Stage to star as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz!

Visit their website here to buy tickets!

Come revisit this colorful and musical classic to the magical land of Oz! Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion as they travel together to the Wizard of Oz in hopes that he will help them. Cheer them on as they encounter the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys, all who try to put a halt to the friends’ journey. 


The Comeback Cabaret

June 5th, 7pm, @ Don't Tell Mama, NYC

See Stefany join a talented cast of singers for one night of everything from hilarious comedies to heartbreaking ballads. Accompanied with delicious meals and drinks, this nightclub event is a must see!

Click here to make a reservation!


High School Musical: On Stage!

April 22nd-29th

Stefany Dalacio stars as Gabriella Montez in Yorktown Stage's Production of High School Musical!

Visit their website here to buy tickets!

Troy Bolton, the star athlete at a small-town high school, falls for nerdy beauty Gabriella Montez at a holiday karaoke party. When they return to campus, Troy and Gabriella audition for the upcoming school musical. Meanwhile, the jealous Sharpay Evans conspires to squelch their chances. The two must struggle to make it to auditions while also meeting their existing obligations to the basketball team and the academic decathlon.

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